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Pic was a point commision of my Team Shadowheart done for me by my lovely friend kwhitepearl ^^

Check out my Nuzlocke comic here~! :D
ACN - Page 1 by Dragon-of-Twilight
For :iconpkmnation:

~~~Now Open!!~~~
Important announcement!: I sorely apologize for the delay, but due to personal health reasons, I had to postpone battles quite longer than expected. As of now, I only have one week of school left, so things are busier than ever. I will officially open up Gym battles (and battles in general) on May 7th. I hope you understand.

Since the following people contacted me before I closed down, they get first chance to challenge my gym if they still wish to when the 7th comes around:
1. Charlieon
2. Lunar-Imagination (confirmed)
3. SakuraCat-Kim
4. kballetbeauty
5. devSolaris-Meadow (confirmed)

Gym Leader Chiela DuNoir wants to battle!

The Phantom Hive ranch is a well-sized cabin, resting in a densely forested area. Closer to the house, the trees seem pretty normal, but one side of the property seems... off. In the distance, you can make out a fenced-in "arena" of sorts. Do you dare take a closer look? Often covered in a thin layer of mist, it's easy to get disoriented in these woods if you do not have a guide. But whatever you do, do not follow the Lampent!

Challengers have three battle modes to choose from! Single battle (one-on-one), Double battle (two-on-two), or Hide-and-Seek. The first two are pretty self-explanatory, so I won't go into more details there.

The last option will consist of a sort of "capture the flag" type game. Hidden around the Arena will be several slips of paper with special marks on them. If your Pokemon can gather up all the slips before being hunted down, you win! (This description is merely for role-play and flavor-text, but your battle drawings should depict this theme! Normal battle calculations will still apply.) Please note that if this option is chosen, it is always played at night, and you will always be up against Slenderfox.

If single or double battle is chosen, it can take place in the Arena, the surrounding forest, or both. This will be discussed when making battle arrangements.

I also do level brackets! I understand that not everyone has highly trained Pokemon, and like to have a fair fight. ^^ Brackets span for 10 levels, like [20-30] or [70-80] for example. Keep in mind that I reserve the right to deny challengers based on my time availability. I do have a real life, y'know!

Gym Pokemon
Simply One Hell of a Butler - Lampent - Level 85
Embrace the Night - Houndeotto - Level 74
King of the Dead - Cerberus - Level 52
SlenderfoxPxcom4 by SourHex - Level 49
Louisa - Pxcom5 by SourHex - Level 26
Whispers in the Dark - Aerodactdour - Level 26
Twisted Fate - Murkrow - Level 23
Midnight Memories - Murkrow - Level 10
Imagine Dragons - Dragon-fusion Shuppet - Level 9
The Lightbringer - Charmekrow - Level 8
Black Hole Sun - Dark-Fusion Helioptile - Level 7
Lily of the Valley - Deino - Level 6
EchoSnivy/yamask - Level 5
Pompeii - Fire-fusion Misdreavus - Level 4
Nine o' Nine Lives Gone - Fire/Ghost-fusion Purrloin - Level 3


Badge Holders:

Better luck next time~ ;P

If you succeed, you shall receive the Survival Badge! 
Survival Badge by Dragon-of-Twilight

I am also open for battles that aren't Gym Battles. Please keep in mind that you do not get the Gym battle bonus, or Badge for such battles! If you choose this option, I will use Pokemon that do not match my Gym typing.

The Phantom Hive loves ~:iconghosttypeplz::iconfiretypeplz::icondragontypeplz::icondarktypeplz::iconpoisontypeplz:~
Non-Gym Pokemon
Slime Princess - Goodra - Level 95
Eclair Tonnerre - Vulpix - Level 73
Dijon - Dunsparce - Level 30
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry GodPxcom3 by SourHex - level 27
Through the Forest Green - Stantler - Level 25
Dance of Misty Mountains - Fairy-fusion Goomy - Level 23
Kuros - Rarity Flaaffy - Level 15 
Ethelinda - Ekans - Level 13
AuroraIce-fusion Eevee - Level 11
BoreasIce-fusion Vulpix - Level 11
Sohrab - Surpinch - Level 6
unnamed male Normal-fusion Natu - Level 5
unnamed Psychic-fusion Goomy - Level 5
Argus - Poison-fusion Torchic - Level 5
unnamed eevee/trapinch - Level 3
Reptar - Charmander - Level 3
unnamed Eevee/Dunsparce/DratiniLevel 2

Past Battles:
Versus Tree-Branch
Versus Shadoomy
Versus Charlieon

If you'd like to request a breeding, just check the Pokemon's descriptions to see if they're open for requests.

If you're interested in checking out what I have for sale, head over to the Shrouded Stall~! ^^
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Airobeth 10 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
thanks for the fave :3
Dragon-of-Twilight 10 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
no prob :3
I am such a big fan of your art and you inspired me so much, I drew a Caterpie in tribute :3 (Sorry if that's creepy)
Here's the link…
Thank you for all your work
Dragon-of-Twilight 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, it's not creepy at all, caterpie is adorable! 
I try my best, thanks again for your kind words <3

I left a longer comment on your picture ;u;
InnerIsles Apr 16, 2014  New member
Thank you for the favorite!!
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hullo frond
Dragon-of-Twilight Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohai ouo
What's up?
KitsuneFlame78 Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
checking out pkmnation
Dragon-of-Twilight Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh yes definitely do that it is so much fun amg.
I recently became a mod as well, so I can help you out with almost any questions/needs you'd have ;3;
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