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Nakala by Dragon-of-Twilight
Pokemon: Ditto
Type: Normal
Name: Nakala
Nickname: n/a
Gender: Female 
Hatch Date: May 30th, 2014
ID No. 10727
Level: 7
Started Base Attack: 12
Current Base Attack: 13
Moves: Transform {starters}
Ability: Imposter
Nature: Calm
Trait: Capable of taking hits

Level Up Log: Clutch image = 5 levels
This ref = 2 levels

Parents: Blessure und Floyd
Breeding history: Closed atm

Tidbits: Whenever she transforms, the pokemon she is will have black eyes.
Witigo by Dragon-of-Twilight
Pokemon: Houndeibone {Houndour/Cubone/Deino}
Type: Ground/Dark/Fire
Name: Witigo
Nickname: Jumper {only ranchmates/close friends}
Gender: Male 
Hatch Date: October 30th, 2014 {THIS IS MY BIRTHDAY TOO OMG YAY}
ID No. {waiting on receipt}
Level: 5
Started Base Attack: 20
Current Base Attack: 21
Moves: Growl, Ember, Tackle, Dragon Rage {starters}
Ability: Lightningrod
Nature: Jolly
Trait: Likes to run {almost never stays still, most often seen dancing in place}

Level Up Log: Clutch image = Child of Hades - Clutch = 3 levels
This reference = +2 levels {bottom fullbody}

Breeding availability/history: Closed atm.

Tidbits: Sports a more canine skull helmet than reptilian. He doesn't ever take the helmet off, but I wanted to show his face underneath uwu

He has... scaley skin {? whatever cubone has lmao} with back spikes and little white claws. Very friendly; doesn't understand why others are often afraid of him. He just wants to play with everyone :'D

Often holds his tail stiff and upward {as in bottom picture}. 
Child of Hades - Clutch by Dragon-of-Twilight
Child of Hades - Clutch
So, I gotta hatch this babe cause of reasons; he's hatching earlier than his siblings {I don't have time to draw them all rn I'msorrybabies}

Mother: Black Dahlia owned by CollyWobblies 
Father: King of the Dead {mine}

Male Cubone/Houndour/Deino cross
Types = Ground/Dark/Fire
Starting level = 3
Starting BA = 20
Design dtails: Has a puppy-like body from his canine heritage, also sports a more canine skull helmet than reptilian. He doesn't ever take the helmet off, but I wanted to show his face underneath uwu He has... scaley skin? {whatever cubone has lmao} with back spikes and little white claws. Very friendly; doesn't understand why others are often afraid of him. He just wants to play with everyone :'D

Linking his ref here ->
For :iconpkmnation: only~!

~~~Now Open!!~~~
Important Update!: I am no longer taking more people onto my waitlist {it's long enough as-is}!
If you're already there, do not worry, your spot has been reserved. ^^
Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Next in Line for Battle Requests: 
1. Daffupanda : Discussing special Hide-and-Seek
2. AlphaPhantomhive : Will discuss when it's closer to her turn.
3. MadeWithLove8 : Will disscuss ''
4. Shiningstarofwinter : Will discuss ''
5. Balvale : need confirmation she's still interested
I'm currently only taking 1 battle per week. 

Gym Leader Chiela DuNoir wants to battle!

The Phantom Hive ranch is a well-sized Manor, resting in a densely forested area. Closer to the house, the trees seem pretty normal, but one side of the property seems... off. In the distance, you can make out a fenced-in "arena" of sorts. Do you dare take a closer look? Often covered in a thin layer of mist, it's easy to get disoriented in these woods if you do not have a guide. But whatever you do, do not follow the Lampent!

Challengers have three battle modes to choose from! Single battle (one-on-one), Double battle (two-on-two), or Hide-and-Seek. The first two are pretty self-explanatory, so I won't go into more details there.

If normal Single or Double battle is chosen, it can take place in the Arena, the surrounding forest, or both. This will be discussed when making battle arrangements.

The last option only will consist of a sort of "capture the flag" type game. Hidden around the Arena will be several slips of paper with special marks on them. If your Pokemon can gather up all the slips, and deliver them to Chiela before being hunted down, you win! (This description is merely for role-play and flavor-text, but your battle drawings should depict this theme! Normal battle calculations will still apply. After all, what better way to guarantee you won't be caught than defeating your pursuer? :'D) During detail discussion, I will specify where on the map Chiela will be waiting for you. Please note that if Hide-and-Seek is chosen, it is always played at night, and you will always be up against Slenderfox. As of now, these are only done in Single Battle style. Close ups of the Gym Leader's face can be seen in the link above, with her name in italics. You can see a full reference of Chiela's dress here. More arts of her here, and here!!!

Along with the Battle System revamp, I will no longer do pure level brackets! Instead, Pokemon will be given different "Challenge Ratings" based on their Level plus Base Attack score and put into Tiers based on that. When making battle arrangements, please indicate which Tier you'd like to challenge! Keep in mind that I reserve the right to deny challengers. I do have a real life, y'know! 

By challenging a certain tier, you agree to use a Pokemon that would fit in that tier, or any tier below it.

:new:Challange Ratings Tiers are now complete!:new:

Master Tier: {125 < CR} 
Drakken the Cruel - Dark-fusion Salamence- Level 89 - BA 61 - Challenge Rating = 150
LouisaPxcom5 by SourHex - Level 100 - BA 39 - Challenge Rating = 139 
Embrace the Night - Houndeotto - Level 100 - BA 30 - Challenge Rating = 130
King of the Dead - Cerberus - Level 100 - BA 29 - Challenge Rating = 129 

Expert Tier: {75 < CR < 125} 
SlenderfoxPxcom4 by SourHex - Level 91 - BA 31 - Challenge Rating = 124 
The Lightbringer - Albino Charbokkrow - Level 100 - BA 15 - Challenge Rating = 115 
Simply One Hell of a Butler - Morph Lampent - Level 85 - BA 25 - Challenge Rating = 110 
The Beautiful One has Come - Yamakin - Level 40 - BA 48 - Challenge Rating = 88 
Don't Fear the Reaper - Morph Gropent - Level 42 - BA 34 - Challenge Rating = 76 

Ace Tier: {35 < CR < 75} 
Black Hole Sun - Dark-Fusion Helioptile - Level 42 - BA 13 - Challenge Rating = 57 
Lily of the Valley - Shiny Deino - Level 38 - BA 12 - Challenge Rating = 50
Tartarus - Dark-fusion Goolosis - Level 8 - BA 41 - Challenge Rating = 49 
Nine o' Nine Lives Gone - Fire/Ghost-fusion Purrloin - Level 25 - BA 24 - Challenge Rating = 49
Pompeii - Fire-fusion Misdreavus - Level 29 - BA 20 - Challenge Rating = 49 
Twisted Fate - Morph Murkrow - Level 33 - BA 12 - Challenge Rating = 45 
Tenebrae - Gastmander - Level 13 - BA 30 - Challenge Rating = 43 
Whispers in the Dark - Aerodactdour - Level 26 - BA 14 - Challenge Rating = 40 
Imagine Dragons - Dragon-fusion Shuppet - Level 22 - BA 16 - Challenge Rating = 38 

Mid-Tier: {25 < CR < 35}  
Above the Zenith - Swableino - Level 15 - BA 18 - Challenge Rating = 33 
The Flavor of Life - Vulpeino - Level 16 - BA 15 - Challenge Rating = 31 
On Harpies' Wings - Sneakrow - Level 9 - BA 21 - Challenge Rating = 30 
Morvak the Maleficent - Zoridgey - Level 8 - BA 20 - Challenge Rating = 28 
Witigo - Houndeibone - Level 5 - BA 21 - Challenge Rating = 26 

Rookie Tier: {CR < 25} 
The Lovely Bones - Ghost-fusion Archen - Level 5 - BA 17 - Challenge Rating = 22 
Siren in the Lighthouse - Ghost-fusion Buizel - Level 5 - BA 17 - Challenge Rating = 22 
The Softest Echo - Snimask - Level 8 - BA 14 - Challenge Rating = 22 
Moonchaser - Charua - Level 6 - BA 15 - Challenge Rating = 21 
Beelzepup - Morph Goompix - Level 2 - BA 18 - Challenge Rating = 20 
unnamed female Zorua/Eevee - Level 3 - BA 14 - Challenge Rating = 17 
Midnight Memories - Murkrow - Level 10 - BA 7 - Challenge Rating = 17 
Lucine - Poochyena - Level 10 - BA 7 - Challenge Rating = 17 
Lymantria - Bug-fusion Zorua - Level 7 - BA 9 - Challenge Rating = 16 
The Dark Lord, Yami - Ghost/Dark-fusion Tyrunt - Level 4 - BA 12 - Challenge Rating = 16 
A Girl Like That - Shiny Murkrow - Level 4 - BA 11 - Challenge Rating = 15 

Current Challenger:
Goku-kun-The-Guard : Would like to play Hide-and-Seek
{We'll initiate this weekend, most likely.}

Badge Holders:
1. Lunar-Imagination
2. 2091-shadow-mew
3. Solaris-Meadow


If you succeed, you shall receive the Survival Badge! 
Survival Badge by Dragon-of-Twilight

I am also open for battles that aren't Gym Battles. Please keep in mind that you do not get the Gym battle bonus, or Badge for such battles! If you choose this option, I will likely use Pokemon that do not match my Gym typing. See my ranch journal {found below} for a list.

If you'd like to request a breeding, please check my ranch journal. ^^

If you're interested in checking out what items or Pokemon I may have for sale, head over to the Shrouded Stall~! ^^

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Dragon-of-Twilight's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Pic was a point commision of my Team Shadowheart done for me by my lovely friend kwhitepearl ^^

Check out my Nuzlocke comic here~! :D
ACN - Page 1 by Dragon-of-Twilight
Been a while since I've made a real-life related journal, methinks.

Anyhoo, just wanted to warn everyone I'm going to be increasingly less active now that classes have started back up for me again. My studies are my highest priority right now {I really don't want to fail/need to re-take a class that would prevent me from finishing in December}, so art from me is going to be limited.

I'll still check on here when I can, most likely thru my phone, and reply to notes, comments, etc. So don't worry about that part! I'll still be active as far as communicating with you all; it's just that if you're waiting on art from me... it might be a while before I can get to it. Don't wanna stress myself out more than I already am. 


That's all, I guess ;w; 
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